Alimak lift improves access to the power plant’s chimney

Bobov dol power plant, Bulgaria

An Alimak rack and pinion lift has been installed at the Bobov dol coal-fired power plant in Bulgaria.

The 420-megawatt plant lies ten kilometres from the town of Bobov dol, in Southwestern Bulgaria. Built in the early 70s, the plant uses coal supplied by eleven mines in the region.

The Alimak rack and pinion lift was installed to facilitate the mounting and weekly inspection of control equipment used for monitoring flue gas emissions from the plant’s 250-metre tall chimney. The lift substantially increases the safety of maintenance crews performing periodic general inspections of the chimney, as well.

Alimak lifts are designed to operate in demanding industrial environments, outdoors and indoors. The Alimak rack and pinion drive system offers advantages over wire rope and hydraulic lifts. Because an Alimak rack and pinion lift carries its own machinery, it does not require an expensive machine room or load-bearing lift shaft.

Lift details

Bobov dol power plant, Bulgaria
Installation year
Lift type
700 kg
Lift car size
1.04 x 1.17 x 2.17 m (W x L x H)
0.59 m/s
Lifting height
70 m
No. of landings
Bobov dol power plant

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