New Demo Area


Alimak Hek opens a new Demonstration Area at their UK office in Northamptonshire.

Alimak Hek's demo area in Northamptonshire, UK
Alimak Hek's demo area in Northamptonshire, UK

Demonstration equipment includes the new Hek TPL 500/300 Material Hoist & Transport Platform and various landing gate options.

The new TPL Lightweight range of hoists is cost effective and can be utilised in either 300kg single phase capacity or 500kg three phase. The hoists also have the option of 3 easily changed cage gate positions, and 4 different gate types to allow them to be easily configured to specific needs; additionally it can be used as a material hoist or transport platform, with minimal reconfiguration.

The demonstration area is adjacent to their IPAF accredited Training Centre and will also be utilised for training.

Whilst visiting the Demonstration Area visitors will also have the opportunity to see the rest of the facilities at the Rushden depot where support is provided to UK construction customers, permanent industrial lift clients and Alimak Hek’s Global Used Equipment Division.

Alimak Hek’s Construction Manager in UK, Adrian Bolton explained the importance of this new Demonstration Area. He said: “The new demonstration area is a further commitment to Alimak Hek’s UK customers in providing greater local product, technical and after sales support.